Saturday, October 20, 2007

All kinds of changes happening

Hello Family,
I have lots of changes to tell you about and/or to respond to:
First, Bert says she wants a new computer now, so I'm talking with her about getting a laptop and helping her set it up. I'm hoping to help her not feel helpless or incapable or whatever else she is feeling. And I'm hoping our communications will be more regular and "fruitful" as a result.
Second, I have been posting lots of pictures at Shutterfly and will be sending a link to everyone.
Third, I have applied for several jobs recently, including one that I had interviewed for not that long ago and is open again: Alfred U. Equestrian Center Facilities Manager. I don't know if I have even a snowball's chance this time, but I'm applying. I sincerely think I've been black-balled at A.U., and have been thinking more and more that I should just sell books on-line, write articles and try to get them published (or work with my friend and self-publish), sell photographs, and start a sustainability and biodiversity center, here on our land. But for some reason, I'm still applying for jobs working for other people. Inexplicable. Or maybe inscrutable. Just like I root for the Denver Broncos and Boston Red Sox, even though I think it's mostly a waste of time and all the hoopla insults me. I have often said I do such things in spite of my own better judgement.

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