Sunday, April 27, 2008

Something for C.B.

Her mother calls
him “Cousin” and
flatters a wee lad.

A young boy wishes
he could play tennis
as she and Dad do.

A teenager repairs,
paints and mows;
her trust helps him grow.

A college kid winters
in tipi, mid-meadow;
her message: “far out”
stomped into snow.

To Mass(Achusetts) and back he takes her;
her blizzard trial’s a frightening reminder,
but she lets him get her home safely.

An old student sits as
her student, and finds HIS
“Place in HER Universe”.

To see what filled her book.
this man need only look
to HIS parents’ declines.

An aging man knows
if she said you had a book in you
NOW is when to get it out of you.

Time doesn’t come;
it mostly just goes;
regret wastes more time,
as any WOman knows.

So now, with all the others
a “faithful relation”
waves salutation:

Goodnight, my dear cousin.
Good night.

copyright 2008 G. Douglas Clarke April 25, 2008

1 comment:

musiclover said...

Younger Brother of Mine,
Tears flow, memories too. Thanks for the creative expression of thoughts on the life and times of CB.
Love, CSCB