Monday, December 11, 2006

Little of everything

Hi, all. I just wanted to share a little update with all of you. Doug, you aloready most of this. I have an appointment ot take Dad in to apply for HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) this Thursday at 2:15. Doug, we told Dad this by phone, but it wouldn't hurt to follow up. He will need birth certificat, proof of income - if his checks are direct deposited in his account, his bank statement will do that - proof of residence and a current utility bill or receipt. The proof of residence could show up on his utility bill, or he can use any other mail that he receives at that address. Berta, Carol was threateneing to sic you on Dad again. He's still afraid he's "imposing on us" to help him with this stuff. We also discussed Christmas. We're not definite at this point, but Carol and I may plan to go down there on Christmas Eve, spend Christmas Day there, then bring him back with us for a few days. My grandkids woun't be out till December 27, so we'll celebrate later that week, Doug, you're getting back the 29th:? Just want to make sure we're all on the same page. A great holiday to you all.

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