Saturday, December 30, 2006

bunches of stuff and reactions

Boy, lots of letters in the maelstrom, and a bunch of reactions. I enjoyed reading your letter, Doug. I have finally posted my annual letter (by the circuitous route from my old Mac using Claris Works at home to the web via the magic of a special request for a zip drive from the guy in Client Services to TextEdit on the fancy iMacs in the lab to Word for Mac to Geocities to the ... ta da ... net) at -- I have gotten some of the copies mailed but it wasn't on da web until a couple hours ago.

My short trip to Boston earlier this week was very nice. Bill and I share each other's space enough that we're beyond pretense or tense. The new building of the ICA is splendid: much smaller than it looks in the pictures and the art installation was very nice. Steve and Barbara and Tom joined us for that part of the weekend, and then Bill's sister Martha joined us at supper. And we got to go out to our favorite bar -- Paradise. With a name like that, how could it be anything but?

Christmas itself was pretty quiet and nice. Christie had me and Janet and Virginia over for supper. She had to work on Tuesday so we weren't there too late. Janet regifted me with a wonderful desk toy -- a lump of coal (styrofoam, squishy, very black and shiny, she works as an archivist at the NY Stock Exchange and the lump says Consol Energy on the bottom, I hope they're not too horrible environmentally and I know I could google them and find out).

I didn't know that Bert had declared one day TV-less. I guess I don't expect it, nor desire it. And not having watched much, even the ads aren't especially amusing even as a diversion. That is not to say that I can't sit and stare at solitaire on the computer for way tooooo long.

Barb, I don't remember any whispering. Thanksgiving seemed to be nicely free of that, or maybe I don't notice anymore?!?!?

I can't remember what else I was going to react to. Sigh. This is not a senior moment!


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Doug said...

So, what were some of those reactions?
I'd really like to get our other siblings and nieces and nephews to participate. I guess I'll send another invitation to them......