Wednesday, September 10, 2008

doug pride, growing, changing

I am delighted that you could be at Doug's ordination and I'm so glad he shared his text. Perhaps he'll put it here too. Sometimes it feels like a downhill slide and sometimes it's really upness that one feels, climbing or no.

I just talked to the head of HR here in the libraries and she said the guy in the Provost's Office about has the details ready to send me the letter or form or whatever to shift from active duty (if you'll forgive a military analogy, if *I* will forgive a military analogy) to sabbatical on January 1st of 2009. Soon, I have an appointment with someone in central HR about details but sabbatical actually keeps things going more or less evenly for 2009 as far as benefits go. It's more in 2010 (if I should live so long) that I need to shift to retirement benefits.

Ever onward with love and peace....

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