Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Passage/New stage of life

Dear readers, 
I was proud to represent the Clarke family at Doug's ordination on September sixth.  Mom and Dad would have been so proud!  (Some say they felt their spirits in the church.  I bet Mom was crying with a mother's pride.)  Doug's "testimony" (or whatever you call it) spoke of his upbringing in Alfred and in the First Alfred SDB church.  Guess what, surprise, surprise,  he included a bunch of history.  I learned a thing or two that I did not know about my "baby brother" and I know all of you would have too, for most of us were not there when he was growing up.  It was moving to see Pastor Ken Chroniger and others from the Alfred Station Church participate in the "laying on of hands".  I do not know all the names, so I will not try to list them.  It was an honor to have Pastor Camenga (chief of the Bd of Ed) speak from our pulpit.  Pastor Pat was "glowing" afterward as leader of the service.   In a way, this is a "coming of age" for Doug, a passage if you will.  I am glad that I was able to be there in person and wish everyone else could have been too.
Love you,

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