Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sacred and profane, art and life, ecumenicalism

This video is specifically about a particular man's death. He was active in the NYC arts scene and affiliated with Judson Memorial Church which sits on the South side of Washington Square, just a few blocks from my apartment in the city and the library. Dad enjoyed the work of Al Carmines, a 1960s preacher there, as I did. Carmines did a musical based on the work of Gertrude Stein that Dorothy and I went to with our friend Richard. It was playing further West in the Village, what is today called the West Village. This isn't a short video by YouTube standards but about half way through, the preacher starts giving the sermon that he'd intended to do until Kontoukos died. It's that part especially that makes me think of Dad, particularly of the ritual we had that he said of "this is the most ecumenical service I've ever been to." And if I remember right, it was all because Ian said that we should do a ritual.

P.S. Sorry about so many uses of "specific" and "particular" and derivatives therefrom.

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