Monday, July 26, 2010

Dad gets inducted

Our Father would perhaps be embarrassed by all this attention. But he would enjoy talking with so many friends, if he were here tonight.

Our Dad was raised by a single mother (and grandparents) during the Great Depression, so he started out learning how to get along with very little for himself. His life ended in an age when many people are accustomed to getting most any thing their hearts desire – at least material things.

When asked what he wanted, Dad’s answer was always an accommodation to what the other person wanted. This was sometimes annoying to some of his children. Perhaps it was annoying even to his two wives (they were serial, not concurrent, wives, for those who were wondering).

Dad spent his life helping people of all sorts, sometimes when his family felt they needed him more than other people did.

When Dad was not able to do much for other people anymore, life lost some of its interest for him. When taking care of his own needs became a challenge, Dad just didn’t quite know how to deal with others taking care of him. So his leaving this life was probably well-timed, but still unexpected and sad for us. His was a life well-lived.

We sincerely hope that this tribute to our father will be an inspiration to others, for years to come.

Thank you. (GDC)

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