Saturday, January 6, 2007

bert and cathy?

Have you been able to convince Bert and Cathy to join into the maelstrom? Maybe they are reading it without submitting or commenting. Or maybe they can't see it until they add it to their active slate, whatever that means. As I said early on, the thing I like about blogs over email is that you usually get to it when you're ready for it, it doesn't get lost in stacks of unrelated messages (threads is good).

After the lovely day of galleryhopping --, I got home to messages from Sonny. He's been around again lately and, well, I really don't want to talk about it very much (maybe it would help but ...) ... he had lost his job again (lying on his resume about having graduated from high school) and needed me to buy a Christmas present for his son. Well, since everything has to be a production, of course it didn't have some part so we've been back to KMart a couple times about that. Now, it's not a part that's missing, it's the little programs for the easel. The Fisher Price Spark Easel is one of those overengineered and cutesy things that make me realize the value of Kim's educational principles. I'd not be as strict (I wouldn't be as strict about anything!!) but kids are indeed better off with boxes.

Well, here it is late again and I'm sitting in the office typing. If I had a computer and fast connection at home, I'd probably be on it all of the time ... well, no, I wouldn't but I bet I'd get more blogging done as well as probably cruising down the 'net more.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm meeting an artist/librarian at Proteus Gowanus to talk about the cataloging he does for his art project entitled the Reanimation Library. He collects books for the illustrative content rather than the topical content. He has bunches of older manuals and whatnot, the sort that have quirky diagrams. If you want to see more:

Love to you and Dad and Jeanette and Ian --

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Doug said...

Hi Sherm,
I haven't even gotten any indication that Bert or Cathy received the invitations, which I've sent twice, so I'll write e-mails explaining what's up and see if they will join in. Likewise with the two Michaels....and I'm hoping some of our cousins will join in the Cousins blog. Even Carol doesn't get into it much -- less than Barb, who has at least jumped in.
I am sad to hear that Sonny is exploiting you again. I understand you might not want to talk about it, but maybe it would help. You don't deserve that sort of trouble.
Would it make sense for me to bring one of those Macs to your place? Or are you up for getting a Mac Mini like Carol and Barb's?
I'll pass the greetings along.
Sleep well and be well.