Sunday, January 7, 2007

hello and greetings from branchport

well, it is time for CAROL to add her two cents worth... i just got off the phone with doug, so this may bore him. oh, well! we had recently gotten home from a relaxing weekend socializing with nudist friends that we had not seen in months. one of our "witchlets" (young person interested in wiccan religion) came along with us and got me to feeling like a mom. we stayed at the schloss estate on vassar street in an wonderful older neighborhood. we all went to the swim at the athletic club on saturday night with hot tubbing, swimming, sauna and refreshments at a nice club in downtown rochchacha. the schloss estate is run by two single males who maintain the pools, sauna and residence while morley and ann winter in their club in florida. after a night's rest there we were greeted with hot coffee and our individual orders for omelets taken. as we socialized in the congenial common area, more friends showed up. in all there were about 10 of us ranging in age from 12ish to 63. the conversations were spirited and the interchanges warm. it was like i imagine an intentional community would be like. we were served our omelets to order as interchanges ensued and children played with "buddy" which was fun to watch. after breakfast settled, someone announced that the pool was open, so the socializing moved to the pools. more hot tubbing and conversation and it was time to head home. with lotsa hugs goodbye we left recharged and me very contented.
huge thanks to douglas for taking dad to the doctors and helping as a "go between/interpreter" with communicating to the doctor and helping to get medications correctly administered. i appreciate all doug does to care for our pop! atta boy, doug. and thank you, thank you, thank you ad infinitum.
barb and i will be heading south in a couple weeks to see extended family (darrell and nancy casey especially), attend the naturist festival we love at morley shloss' club "sunsport" and maybe do some touristee things like going to see the manatees again, but mostly soaking up the warm, swimming and lazing at the pool. we don't deem to get through ny winters without a break anymore, even with the mild winter weather.
that is all i have to say for now, 'cept i love ya'all!!

so now i have blogged? gee, i do not feel any different, shouldn't i feel/be different?


shermaniac said...

Gosh, Carol, you LOOK different somehow? Is it the moustache?

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