Sunday, February 18, 2007

February update

Hello family,
Evidently the Universe (if it may be presumed to have Will) didn't want us to go to South Carolina this week, if last week may be seen as an indicator. Ergo:
On Monday, I got a call asking if I could interview next week, for employment as Facilities Manager at the Alfred University Equestrian Center. I asked if it could be scheduled for the following week.
Tuesday, after Jeanette had bought groceries and done many preparations over the week-end, Ian's Cub Scout banquet was canceled because a winter storm was coming in.
Wednesday, with a foot of snow on the ground, school was canceled so Jeanette stayed home and Ian spent part of the day at a friend's house, while I spent most of Valentine's day plowing and shoveling driveways and sidewalks. The decision to close schools on Thursday also, did not reach Jeanette as it was supposed to.
So, on Thursday, Jeanette got up and started for school, not hearing that school was closed when she checked the Wellsville radio station. I got an e-mail and heard it on the Hornell station, after she left the house. Later that day, Dad got his reminder call about a follow-up examination with Dr. Coch and, although I knew about the appointment, I hadn't gotten it onto my calendar. With Ian home, we had one of his friends over for the day so his father could go to work. Then there was a small fire at Sam Scholes' house, so I assisted with putting that out and getting the smoke out and so on.
All of the above meant that little time was left on Friday to get ready for a trip, and an ambulance call Friday morning cut into that. While I was driving the ambulance, Dad got a call from Lois and spoke with Ethel on the telephone, with the result that he decided our trip was not necessary, for him.
A little later, Dad and I met with Doctor Coch after waiting for more than forty-five minutes, and discussed loss of memory and depression and skin cancer. Bill re-assured Dad that his loss of memory was pretty normal and happens to everyone to some degree. He also told him that he's convinced Dad does not have any form of dementia, but I know Dad is frustrated with it.
Dad said his digestion was better (probably because he's taking 80 mg. enteric aspirin instead of 300 mg. regular aspirin, daily) but we all surmised that although he was feeling some better, perhaps the effect of cold and gray weather had resulted in little net improvement. So Bill had Dad move up to 20 mg. per day of anti-depressant, and he biopsied a mole on Dad's right arm that had snagged on something when Dad was dressing. We were glad Dad had mentioned it to me, as Bill said it looked like another squamous cell cancer. He'll remove it there at his office, if the biopsy comes back as positive for cancer.
When Jeanette was leaving school, she stumbled on the stairs and heard a pop in her ankle and knee, but declined to go to the Emergency Room that night, and we resigned ourselves to staying home for the week, under all these circumstances.
After church and lunch yesterday, we persuaded Jeanette to go to the Emergency Room, where they confirmed that her ankle is sprained but apparently not broken. She went to Camp Planning Committee meeting this morning, but is supposed to keep her leg elevated, iced and splinted for the remainder of the week, so I guess I'll see if they want to do my interview this week, after all.
Cathy and Sherm, do you want to try to come to Alfred next weekend, after all? Let me know, so we can prepare, please.
I just wanted you all to know what's up . . .

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