Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Waiting and wondering

Hello Family,
I interviewed yesterday for a position as Facility Manager at the Alfred University Equestrian Center, and am holding my breath.
I could say, if I believed in destiny, that I've been heading toward this place in my life, for all of my life. Ergo:
As to horses, I remember being bucked off of Prince in North Loup (I think I remember it, but it may be something people kept telling me.....).
I remember that in sixth grade I told Mrs. Barton, my teacher, that I would have a horse farm when I grew up. This one won't be my own, but if I get the job it may seem like it.
Dad loves to tell how, when we visited the Anderson/Rasmussens in the Nebraska sand hills in the 1970s, I climbed up onto one of their horses and cantered away. Mr. Anderson and Dad were fairly impressed, I guess.
I loved the idea of having a pony, so when we got Tory from Jude Frechette I had dreams of riding a lot, but when we moved into the village there just wasn't much opportunity for it, so I have my regrets about all that.
I've been able to get a few chances to ride but it has never been enough. I've told Jeanette I'd love to have a couple horses, but she has no interest in the expense and having to take care of them every day. Yet she was a bridesmaid in a friend's horseback wedding, many years ago.
When we started building our house here, one of the things that appealed to me was the trails on the state land next door, which are intended for walking, bicycling, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing. I've even said I'd prefer to ride a buckboard to town when I need to do errands, just to slow things down.
Ian has enjoyed the times when I've been able to take him on rides at Karns' in Hartsville and Brentwood in Angelica, so I know he's "in" with the idea. He likes shoveling snow at church, so he probably won't mind helping his Dad at mucking out stalls at the Eq. Center, either.
But there I go, hoping and planning.........

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shermaniac said...

As I said quickly in a message a few days ago, it is fun to think of you being involved with the ponies. My friend Sharon (of Venice fame) loves ponies. She grew up in Los Angeles, in the far southeastern reaches of L.A. County near Orange County. She doodles ponies in meetings. Our shared doodles during Department Managers meeting were legendary -- to us!! Anyway, whether or not you get the job (and I hope you do), I might just bring her upstate sometime and make her live up to her dream of riding! She is now in Venice, taking language classes. It's the luxury of being a semi-retired lady!