Friday, February 2, 2007

Travel and travail

Hey Family,
I've been home with Ian since Tuesday: he's had a fever and cough and congestion and headache, and I've had a lesser version of them. I think he'll probably head to school today, however.
I'm up early today because Ian woke me at 3:30 or so to tell me that he had discovered that Midnight (was Carol's cat until about a month ago) had thrown up. I had been dreaming something delicious, evidently, although I can't recall what. I had to pee, too, so I got up and took care of that and the cat puke. Then I asked Ian what he might do differently the next time the cat throws up. He said he'd clean it up himself and I said I thought that was a good idea. I had specifically gotten a substitute for my ambulance-driving night because I didn't feel up to being awakened, and have been having headaches all week.
We're planning, at this point, to drive Dad to Bob and Lois Edwards' beginning the 17th of this month, while Ian and Jeanette have winter break. We'll leave Dad there to spend some time and assuage his conscience and so on, and I'll take J. and I. to Columbia, SC so we can see her uncle, who has just had his third pacemaker installed. After a visit there, I'll leave J. and I., and head to the beach to see a few friends and maybe run down to Charleston to get some solitude.
Then I'll start north, gathering family members along the way, returning home by the morning of the 25th, so Ian can go bowling with the Cub Scouts and we can recover before they have to go back to school.
I wanted you all to know what we're planning, and to know that Hub Watson died early yesterday morning, so we'll probably be taking Dad to Rochester for a memorial service sometime soon.

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shermaniac said...

cool! cat puke. elizabeth came by with a story about her dream in which i'd baked something with cheese which led to my revealing the story that's in my blog (georgia rockabilly & pecorino).