Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Journal Entry

Today is Tuesday, and I am a Tuesday's child. A little melancholy and dreamy. Spring is in the air. There is much to be done in and outside the house. Pesach is coming, hametz must be consumed or sold. Every room of the house needs cleaning and search for crumbs and dust. Much to do and not much time. I would like to be organized and efficient in chore duty. "Make it so", as Captain Picard would say.
I am glad to know that Dad is going to come home from the Wellsville Manor. I need to be in contact and figure out what whether I can reasonably take some time from work to be in Alfred for support. Maybe I should try to transfer my state job up to Belmont.
Must work for State of New York.


gdeecee said...

Hi Cathy,
You finally made it, and I'm delighted!!
Just one sister to go!!

shermaniac said...

A bit more reaction to An unquiet mind, based on your entry. In addition to talking about mania and depression, Jamison also talks about melancholy. I love that word and the derivatives melancholia and melancholic. Like moodiness and grief, melancholy can be healthy without going to the heights and depths of mania or depression. She also talks a lot about the genetics of manic-depressive illness (she prefers that term to bipolar or b.a.d. but it's a little long!). Her personal interactions were mostly positive professionally and personally, when they were person-to-person, not necessarily in the chatter of the cocktail party.
I too am glad that you've jumped on the blog!