Friday, March 16, 2007

you said what?

Doug said:
This may be the origin of Dad's recent difficulty:

[end quote]
Excuse me, is that article in English? I don't do much internet cruising for medical information nor do I read that literature very much (ok, not at all). That was clearly focused at the professional audience. And I'm glad if they found something they can identify and treat, or work around, or whatever.

If you saw that news about the four people killed in Greenwich Village a couple nights ago, it was close to me (not scary close). We had had a librarians drink night at Baggot Inn on West 3rd. I left about 8 pm and heard a bunch of helicopters when I got home. The killings were about a block and a half from the Baggot Inn (where I understand they do bluegrass on Wednesday nights), further from my apartment. No, I'm not going to get all excited about it but just in case ...

On the other side, I was at Carnegie Hall last night and heard a lovely concert with the Orchestra of Saint Luke's: Strauss Capriccio; Beethoven's Emperor Concerto with Garrick Ohlsson at the piano (he plays very crisply and purely), Mozart's Symphony 40 (wonderfully familiar).


gdeecee said...

Ok, Sherm, here's the link I really meant to put there:
Basically, Dr. Coch is trying to figure out how to get Dad's body to properly regulate sodium and potassium in the bloodstream. The imbalance caused Dad's weakness, leading to his falling. Dr. Coch thinks once it's regulated better, Dad's cognition may work better, too.
See the new post I'm working on, in a little while......

gdeecee said...

Sorry about that link. That was DEEP medicaleze!
Also, I'm glad that wasn't scary close, but be cautious, please.
We love you, brother.