Thursday, August 16, 2007

What to tackle next?

Hello Siblings and Nephews and Nieces,

It was wonderful to see almost all of you, and I only wish I'd had more time with each of you. I hope we can do a better job of getting together in the future, and that it won't be just for sad reasons when we do.

Jeanette and I got things pretty well taken care of after everyone left. Sherm helped with some of that, and we also took care of a bunch of business during the week he was here. For Jeanette's birthday, we (including Sherm) went out to lunch and dinner, so Sherm finally got to go to Cafe Za. Sherm seemed to find plenty to talk about with several of our friends, and we sure enjoyed having him around. He came with us to Wellsville, to check out the book-store we're interested in taking over. We'll see if we can work a reasonable deal . . .

Since then, Jeanette went through all the cards and wrote thank-yous for all the memorials that were sent. Ian has had a chance to spend time with some of his friends and is going to a birthday party today. I got to go hiking one day (I was going to go for three days, but I had gone for a ride on my bicycle the day before, and cut my heel, so I let it heal for a day before I went hiking). I have been trying to get bank accounts, stock, life insurance and Dad's estate details worked out. It's hard to know which to do first, but we're working on it. I'll be posting more stuff to the blog soon, and will hand off a bunch of cards and letters to Carol sometime soon, for the memory book. We'll be checking out the video from Dad's memorial this weekend.

With some sense of return to "normalcy" we have had more time to think about what has happened, and it has been difficult not to be overcome with sadness, sometimes at the oddest provocations.

This week, I had my first teeth cleaning since 1999 and Jeanette had to go to work for a day. Jeanette's mother is coming Tuesday, the day after I have my varicose vein removed by laser. Shortly after that, it's back to school for Jeanette and Ian.

We hope you are all well.


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