Sunday, August 12, 2007

where is home?

You can't know (you can guess) how good the week in Alfred was for me. Doug, Jeanette, Ian and I did stuff together and separately until I left yesterday morning. The bus ride home went fine.

Usually when I visit Alfred, I'm not there long enough for us to settle into any reality, or even faux reality. That is, I don't have stuff to do myself and Doug and Jeanette feel they should spend time with me, so we circle around each other, flailing a bit. I stayed the whole week up on the hill though we spent some time at 33. The settling-in convinced me, along with nice chats with Lee and Walter and Elizabeth, that I could find a place for me in Alfred. I hope that Doug and Jeanette also felt that last week was somewhat real, and dreamy too.

I've been meandering the streets of NYC in a bit of a daze, not quite connecting. Since they did the reimaging of our computers in the office last week, I don't have the magic formula to get onto my office machine. The computers in the reference area are already signed on so I can go to an internet site such as gmail/blogger.

As we were waiting for the bus, we chatted with a black guy, also named Douglas, who was also waiting for the bus. He and his family have tried to figure out some of their family history (West Indies and U.K.) so naturally history buffs perked up their ears. Doug, the other Douglas doesn't have email but his street address:
Douglas Logwood
3423 Carpenter Rd., Lot 64
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
I gave him your street address which I hope is ok. Fair trade, and all that.

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