Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas plans

Hey Folks,
I just finished paying Dad's bills, and am relieved to tell you that he has abandoned plans to go to Jill's wedding and see Ethel over the Christmas holiday. He had looked into flights and even talked about taking a bus and had said it was important to him to get to Jill's wedding because she seemed to be the one who most appreciated him. But then he called Bob Edwards, who told him that Ethel is not conversing much at all and would not be at the wedding. He offered to have Dad stay with them if he came at a later time, but gave his assent to Dad not making the trip now, so Dad will write a nice letter to Jill and stay here for the holiday. So, does that mean you, Carol and Barb, may haul him off to Branchport for a couple days? Just a thought. I've got lots more thoughts but wanted to get these posted now, then I'm off to mail bills, take stuff to the transfer station, hang a wreath at the church and clean it up for the weekend, etc. Then maybe I'll get to go to Keeney Swamp (in Birdsall) to see a native balsam fir stand (before the snow starts coming) with Sean Phelan, who has just finished his radiation therapy and is hoping to get his strength back soon. Anybody know anyone who wants to buy an RV?

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