Sunday, November 26, 2006

Jiggety jog

Hello folks,
It is good to be home again, home again, jiggety jog.

Sherm was saying something this weekend suggesting that perhaps "Middle Age Maelstrom" wasn't appropriate, so I suggested "Late Life Lyceum". Bert said something about Maturity, I think, but I can't remember exactly what she said, which I guess proves Sherm's point. Anyway, if someone has a "better" name, please pass it on. M.M.M. was what I was calling the website I was setting up for myself a year or two ago and I had thought it would work for this because I was thinking of us all being in middle life, but maybe I 'm just bring up the rear, as usual........

We got Dad home and I talked a bit with him about going to see him most days, probably around the lunch hour, so we can be sure he's ok and so I can do some sorting of papers and help him with whatever needs doing around there.

It was satisfying (to me, at least -- if you differ, please say so) to get together -- it seemed like a long time, I guess because the gathering in May seemed to go briskly along. I've spent the morning trying to catch up with myself but since the weather is warm, I better get some things done outside that I've been putting off until things dried out a bit.

I'll rejoin you later....


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