Sunday, April 8, 2007

finally getting a round to-it

Well, Jeanette and Ian left Friday for South Carolina and got there Sabbath afternoon. Dad and I came over to Barb and Carol's today (Sunday, April 8) and had a fine dinner with them and Barb's two sons (David and Jim) and David's girlfriend, Star (and two cats and Buddy, the dog). We had decided that it didn't make much sense for Dad to travel so soon after hospitalization and all, and that it wasn't sensible for me to drive down and only have a day or two to see friends and have time to myself, as I had hoped.
Jeanette and Ian are spending time with her three uncles who all live around Columbia, South Carolina, but are especially going to see Winston, whose health is not so good. Clifton's wife will be taking them to a zoo and museum, and I'm sure Linwood and Mary will have them over for something, as Lin is her favorite uncle.
When we were thinking about Dad staying in Alfred but three of us hill-Clarkes going to SC, I had asked Carol and Barb about Dad spending this week with them. So when we concluded that Dad would not go, I asked them if they were still up for Dad coming over, and they said it would be fine. While he's here at Carol and Barb's (for the week), I'll try to get some things done that don't get done otherwise, and spend a little time by myself (I need it, and Jeanette keeps encouraging me to do so, but I always seem to get way-laid with some responsibility or another).
Since we got Dad back home from the hospital we have gotten a number of services started for Dad, including LifeLine (he wears a push-button that calls for help via the phone line, anywhere within a hundred or more feet of the base unit), meals on wheels, home health aid, and a nurse.
I'll head back to our house later tonight or in the morning, and try to get started on stuff.
Sherm, are you still planning to come to Alfred next weekend? I'm going to be working on several things at 33, and either I will come get Dad or Carol and Barb will bring him back at the end of this week. Jeanette and Ian plan to be back for the weekend, too, so be ready to see all of us, eh?
I'll write more later, but I need to help Barb with some computer problems and such . . .

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shermaniac said...

I've got a Monday meeting now so I won't be able to stay into Monday. I'd still like to come up though. I'm on the ref desk and it's too busy for more than this. And I exploded (aka erased) my first attempt by hitting the shift and return at the moment. Darn it!!