Friday, April 27, 2007

Greetings all

From Carol...Barb and I enjoyed hosting Pop for the partial week he was here. We got to show him the NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) Iris garden that I help maintain at the clinic in Penn Yan where I get my treatment for manic depression/bipolar. Barb took Dad to see our cousin, David Winton Clarke, who lives at an assisted living facility here in Penn Yan. He was recently feated for a commitment ceremony with a lady at the facility who is now sharing his room and heart. Never say you are too old to fall in love! I think he is near Dad's age. The three of us enjoyed the cute family flick "Firehouse Dog" together at the Penn Yan movie theater where there is always ample seating and rarely a line for ticket purchase. We got a very brief visit with "J" and Ian when they picked up Dad, but the weather was looking ominous and they headed home to beat the worst and have daylight for travel. We really enjoyed having Dad here and hope that he will feel free to visit again soon.
I had my follow up doctor visit this week and (sigh of relief) my blood pressure has improved. I had only lost a few pounds, but at least the number was lower! We are both working on eating better and exercising more. Thank goodness for better weather. The fields are still very wet, but it is not a river anymore. After the wet snow we got, the water was threatening to float us away. We try to get out for a walk every day we can now and it helps that Buddy needs to be accompanied for his pottying needs. When we let him off leash, he takes so much delight in running his little legs off, that I try to do it often. I love to watch his face as he races up the path to catch up with me. Total glee! The daffodils are beginning to bloom - ours are always later than Penn Yan and Rochester. Not much yard work yet, still too wet, but I am ready to get out there and garden.
I have been enjoying work on a mural at the home of our founding father, Morley Schloss, in Rochester. He spends most of his time in Florida now, but Rochester Naturists still hold swims at his house. Our friend, Rich Hauver, is now living there so we have greater latitude to hold events there. Previously, his son was there and we only used the pool. Now we stay overnight in one of numerous beds on three floors. Anyway, I am creating tropical scenes on the walls around the pool, hottub and door to the sauna. Last session, we added blue and gold macaws, flamingo with baby in nest, a tiki hut, palm trees, a volcano, and a beach. We plan another trip this week to work on it more. I plan to add seagulls, a sailboat, colorful umbrella(s) to the beach, sunbathers in lounge chairs, brightly colored tropical frogs perched on foliage and children playing in the sand on the beach. I have been getting plenty of positive feedback, which really makes me feel good. Being the main artist was feeling like pressure at one point, so it means tons to have people be impressed and express that they like what I have done. Yes, we are taking pictures and will share as we are able.
We are still up for a conflaggration here Memorial Day Weekend, let us know when you know, if you can make it.
It is getting late, so I will close for now.
Hugs all 'round,

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