Monday, April 2, 2007

Sorry Folks!

Hi Siblings,
I'm sorry that things got ahead of me so some of you learned that Dad was home, without my letting you know here at the maelstrom. I started to do so several times but never got more than the beginning of a draft, going. Last week was a logistical challenge, and the week before was full of both joys and disappointments. I may detail those later, but suffice it to say that Cathy came to see Dad, and I didn't get the Facility Manager job at the Equestrian Center.
Anyway, Dad is home (he came home on the evening of March 27th) and I've got him set up with LifeLine (so he can push a button on a lanyard around his neck and that will call a service which will call me or another designated person, or an ambulance if we're unavailable, at any time of the day or night. Dad also has home health assistance on a short-term basis and meals on wheels for the duration.
We're looking into his going to South Carolina with us, starting Friday, if we can get the Edwards to call us back. Otherwise, we'll head to Columbia anyway so Jeanette can see her three uncles, two of whom have had significant health troubles recently. We plan to be back for the weekend of the 14th, so Sherm's visit makes some sense, although I must get some things cleaned up before then. I've got our income taxes and Dad's to do, along with everything else, so I won't take much time here at the blog.
If Dad doesn't go to SC with us, perhaps he can go to Branchport, or Carol and Barb could stay with him while we're gone???
More later.

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