Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kati Graduated, Memorial Day and Fireworks

Well, we DID go to Kati's graduation and is WAS pushed inside and though numbers were supposed to have been limited ALL of us got to see Kati walk across the stage and accept her diploma!! She is the first on her mother's side of the family to get a college degree. Hoorah for Kati! We were able to take her out to dinner along with her brother Kris who just turned 18 (and still has 2 years of high school left to finish, we worry about him, though he has been doing some better since switching schools last year). And Barb got to see Kati for breakfast before the ceremonies. We ended up staying in a motel and probably saved money even with an expensive hotel room given the price of gasoline the gas guzzling RV would have consumed. Tension with Dave's ex has increased and we were all relieved that she let us take Kati and Kris out without coming along. We got back home to Branchport around nine and Doug called around ten to talk about Dad's visit. We ARE going down today to get him and will monitor his adaptation to Lexapro vigilantly. Doug and J and Ian plan to be at Letchworth at a Civil War reenactment. I hope you all enjoy that, maybe you will see our pal, Paul Meier, who photographs such events.
Barb and I are looking forward to having you and yours here for Memorial Day. (Sherm will be touring Swiss places) We plan to support the Branchport Methodist Chicken Barbeque on Saturday so bring $7 per person for that. Anyone want to support peace by marching in a Memorial Day parade on Monday? Or we can just go watch. There is also the birthplace of Memorial Day-Waterloo's big celebration. And we can repeat our visit to The Windmill, NY state's largest farm and craft market. Barb is involved in Network of Spiritual Progressives (go ahead and google that!) in Penn Yan and her group "stood in the park for peace" on Mother's Day. It was quite surprising - we had 35 people participating, and that is pretty good for a small conservative town. Maybe it's a little less conservative than we thought - the group is just beginning to show their heads. The group includes Quakers and Buddhists, Episcopals, Baptists, Wiccans and some who just call themselves "spritiual". Not sure about Jews. I don't think we have any Jews or Muslims in Penn Yan! Have you all seen the new bumper sticker that says "Coexist" with symbols for a variety of religions? We like it and plan to be sporting our own soon. They are available from "Northern Sun". Doug will be sailing on Sunday and Monday with Dick Sands on Keuka Lake. Let's plan to do the fireworks on Saturday night. I want to tell our neighbors, so they can join us. We plan to do the Mentos and Diet Coke thing as the "preshow" while we are waiting for it to get dark. So, all in all, there will be plenty to do, and still find the time just be sit around together and be "family". We're looking forward to having everyone here - and Sherm, I know you'll be with us too, at least in thought. Hope you enjoy Switzerland. We'll set off a bottle rocket for you.

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