Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Memorial Day, Cameras, Pets and Food

Loki can be a bully! That is why Midnight now lives with Doug and Jeanette! But Loki can be banished to the outdoors if he bothers Penny at all. I hope we get Buddy and Penny to be pals. Photos! Kodak moments should be forthcoming.
I do hope you will be bringing cameras and we will have ours. I am sure Doug will be bringing a camera, right, Doug? We are telling the neighbors that the fireworks will be Saturday night, okay with you, Doug? You gotta get up early the next morning.
If you want to bring bagels and lox, we will provide cream cheese-is the house brand okay? As for the lox? Bring 50 pounds just for me, Cathy! Just joking, but I do love lox! Whatever you want to bring.
We will be prepared to reprise the buckwheat waffles with local maple syrup. We will get soda to have on hand, and tuna and bread for sandwiches. You could probably get better deli meat, Cathy, than we can. We will pick up farm fresh eggs from our neighbor. I think we will eat well. We will do the basic hamburg, hotdog, potato salad picnic on Sunday-Ilana does not do hamburg or hotdog, right? So I will get some chicken to grill too 'cause that will work for me too, anyone else.
Bert is not to do ANY work, she worked her ass off so many times for this crew! She gets to sit with Dad and relax or take walks-what ever she wants. Is that agreed? Good.
As for our father, I wanted to share a bit of our experience with him the past few days. The first day we let him sit too long and he was really having trouble moving after that. His first night, he was restless and disoriented. That day he slept a lot in his chair and mumbled incoherently, needed lots of help to get up on his feet and was unsteady when he did get up. We had to push him to get up and move and watch him every minute. Several times he put his head in his hands and spoke desparingly. He got very cold and crawled into bed for a nap at 4 and had to waked for supper. Then this morning he woke alert and was much more solid on his feet, needed less help to get up. We were able to get him in the shower and wash his hair. He was much more involved in dressing himself and much more solid on his feet. And he was his witty and delightful/playful self. I asked him if he had any additions for my blog post and he said "Carol and Barb are reaching beyond every one of my needs. I am looking forward to the gathering of the clan." Later today we plan a drive in the sunshine.
Have a great day y'all! Cya soon. Hugs,

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