Monday, May 21, 2007

Penny and Chocolate, Memorial Day

Oh my god! Penny got into chocolate??! How much did she eat? How long has it been since she got into it? Did she need to go to the vet? Poor Penny!! I sure hope she is okay. When my Greta got into brownies (with Midnight's help I guess 'cause the brownies were on the kitchen counter when I left for work and the empty container was on the floor when I returned home) at the trailer at Foster's Lake she prolly ate 2 or 3 whole brownies. She was pucking and pooping chocolate colored masses all over and she was very ill! She was at the vet's at least overnight and ultimately her kidneys shut down.
ANYwhoo, yes, bring Penny. I look forward to meeting her! I just hope that she and Buddy get along. Buddy likes other dogs as a general rule. Does Penny interact with other dogs much? We try to give Buddy opportunities to interact with other dogs so that he is sociable. How old is Penny and how big? Does she like to play? It would be soooo nice for Buddy if she liked to play with him, especially if their size is well matched. But in any case Buddy has taken on both a Vizla and a Lab at the same time when we met up with them playing at the dog park at Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee, FL. He just loves to run and play!
We are excited about being together this weekend too. Glad the whole gang can make it for the celebration! What, if any, special dietary needs can we shop for ahead so that the frig is stocked up? I know y'all need diet soda, any favorite flavors? Saturday we will do the chicken bbq in Branchport. We will plan to do the picnic at our house on Sunday if the weather cooperates. Our local grocery has a bakery with pretty good fresh bagels. Should we stock up there or do you want to bring them? Any particular flavors you like more than others? And of course we will have lotsa cream cheese and some lox, unless you say you want to bring it. Saturday night will be the popcorn night. Should I plan on Friday dinner for y'all? On Monday we can get food at the parade or at The Windmill for those of us who go out or pack sandwiches and fruit. I will definitely keep it simple and expect people to fend for themselves mostly. But I do want to have food here so that we do not have to go out and shop when we can be together hanging out. Yes, we will appreciate monetary help with groceries.
The Baums will have the "bunkhouse" (the larger room upstairs with three double beds) and Bert will get my room which someone strong can help us move the recliner up there for her. (Then she can go to bed early if she wants, close the door and have privacy.) Doug says they will bring the pop-up for them or the RV can be available for them. Doug are you still planning to bring the pop-up or should we get the RV ready? The RV is parked unevenly now and has no access to electric, but if we know ahead we can park it and set it up for somebody to enjoy. Anything else we can do to accomodate you all, please give me a shout.
Hugs all around! See ya soon. Carol

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