Tuesday, May 29, 2007

similarities and common struggles

Hi Folks,
Since Dad shared the letter about Gretta Ehret Potter with you, I'm sharing Molly's e-mail, which arrived today, with you, too.
Just so you know we aren't the only ones dealing with such things, especially since Gretta is only a year or two older than Dad . . .

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Dear Friends.

Thanks so much for all the care and support! It means a lot to us.

My mom is back at the Hellenic Nursing and Rehab Center in Canton on hospice. She is generally cheerful, but drowsy, and elated to be out of the hospital. However her cognitive status is erratic and she is having much difficulty with communication, both understanding and speaking. Also, she is currently in a wheelchair due to weakness and poor balance. (Because of severe short term memory loss, she doesn't remember much of anything anymore, especially why she is in the chair, and so keeps trying to get up. Then, understandably, she becomes very agitated when people attempt to get her to remain seated. Extremely frustrating for everyone, particularly her.) Thankfully she still has her sense of humor and that helps.

It appears the hematoma in her brain from the fall is still leaking at times and so she will probably continue to decline, because of that and as her dementia continues to progress. The staff are very patient and caring with her, and we are all just trying to help her be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

It's very sad to see...

But in the meantime, we are keepin' on as best we can.

I'll continue to update you as appropriate.

Take care,

Molly Notkin

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