Friday, June 1, 2007

thinking of you

Well, I'm back in the U.S. of A. and buried in the post-vacation deluge. I just read the blog entries about Memorial Day weekend quickly and will try to read through them more carefully sometime over this weekend. Maybe even react.

Overall, Switzerland was very nice. We had a nice circuit from Zurich (3 nights) to Sankt Gallen (2) to Chur (1) through the mountains to Lugano (3), on to Basel (4) and back to Zurich (1). Along the way, we meandered, via daytrips, to Liechtenstein, Italy, Italy, and Germany (Mac daytripped to France the day I went to the Vitra Design Museum in the German suburbs of Basel). Yes, twice to Italy: once on the Bernina Express between Chur and Lugano; second from Lugano down to Como. There was much of art and architecture, plenty of eating, lots of mountain scenery. The lower mountains of western Switzerland have been compared to the Finger Lakes (by a candidate in Ithaca) but they were more like Allegheny County to my thinking. I hope to get a travelogue written but, right now, am feeling buried.

Doug, did you know about the landlords meeting on Tuesday, June 5th, 7 pm, in the Alfred Village Hall? I got a notice about it. Though I don't think of the 33 situation as a landlord situation right now, you might want to go. The contact people are Mary Harris ( or Virginia Rasmussen (587-9558).

Let me know when there are pictures of the Memorial Day gathering up on anyone's website. Or you can just leave a note here. Or, gosh, I could go check since there are probably more pictures since I was last at Doug's Shutterfly page.

With whole heaps of love to the bunch of you'ns.

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