Thursday, June 21, 2007


Dear Doug, J, Ian and DAD,
Sounds like things are under control.
I gave platelets last night after work. Ilana and Andre attended Weight Watchers at 7pm. Michael had a tension headache( with nausea and upchucking) early in the day, but was feeling better by evening. Bruce called me as I returned from the blood center, to bring gas for the van as he was stuck at the Syosset office.
Michael is going to Connecticut tonight, as Audra must go to the doctor Friday for fibroid removal. Hoping the condition is treatable in office. Keep Audra in your prayers.
Michael would like to come up to help you with the house. Audra, also. They have to work out time during the summer they are able to travel. More on that later.
Ilana is doing work search. She has commitments to sports with the Special Needs team to which her friends belong, on Thursdays and Sabbaths. I think she would like to spend some time in Alfred if she could.
Much love all around,

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Barb Crumb said...

We are holding Audra in our thoughts and prayers. Love you all.