Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally frickin' Friday, but not ready for the week to be over . . .

Dad and I started the week in Queensbury, and I was feeling that perhaps Dad was doing much better than I feared, but my fears have been somewhat confirmed. He got into bed on one side of the bed and insisted on getting out of the other side twice during that night, the way being blocked with his half-empty suitcase, etc. meaning that he climbed more out of the end than either side. I had a hard time convincing him that he had gotten INTO the bed on that side. He gets disjointed ideas in his head. Any idea he gets is vehemently clung to.

He had an "accident" a couple days ago and ended up hanging his pants out on the garden fence. In that case I was only gone for a couple hours and Ian was here with two Eisenhardt boys, all of whom did not realize what he was up to. Dad has twice taken daytime naps and come out of them thinking that another day has passed, so I have confirmed what I thought was happening on that score. Yesterday he locked himself inside the RV and couldn't re-construct what he'd done, so I had to use the key to get to him. We will adapt as best we can.

Suffice it to say that Bert had her hands full. I hope you're recovering, dear sister. By the way, what is your IQ? I heard a report yesterday confirming that eldest children do tend to have higher IQs. The differences are said to be not necessarily large, but statistically significant.
Well, I spoke on the telephone with a Charles Schwab representative yesterday morning, clarifying the number of shares to be journaled to Sherm, Jeanette and myself, so that should all be processed by Monday or Tuesday. Evidently when we were transferring information a 2 turned into a Z, but that is all taken care of.

Yesterday I took Ian to a doctor's appointment, necessary for him to go to camp this summer, and his friend Rein was with us because school is over and his parents both work. After the check-up, we stopped at "Stones and Bones" and talked with the guy who made the antler carving of a wolf footprint that Carol bought for me, and which hangs around my neck all the time. The boys had a great time looking at crystals and antlers and carvings and big goldfish in a tank, and asking questions about things. We had lunch at the Texas Hot and then I met briefly with the owner of the Used Book Shop in Wellsville yesterday while doing errands with Ian and his friend Rein. She knows I'm interested in buying the business, and I'm a tad more encouraged that it would be a good opportunity. Next we walked to the Chevy place to buy a part for the old Blazer and got to see a medical transport helicopter come in. I learned later that it was arriving to transfer a child who had accidentally been shot in the head by a cousin. Frightening.

Dad took a walk with Jeanette last evening, and we're taking him to church and lunch and all that, today. We'll fill him up, because he's not even eating all of the little bits that I offer him.

Good Sabbath to all.

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