Monday, June 25, 2007

Doug, J, Ian, Dad,
If life begins at forty, you are still on the upside at 50!
It was good to talk to you yesterday. I hope you got the message I left about the trip to Alfred next month. We will cover Dad's ticket for the return to Long Island. Now all I have to do is supervise the clean-up of the 'apartment' for Dad.
What are you guys doing for the 4th? Going to Andover for the festivities?
Got to fill in some spaces in my computer program of services rendered to my customers. More later.
Love and hugs all around,


gdeecee said...

Hi Cathy,
Do you want to play the length of Dad's stay by ear?
To a certain extent, all this moving around is disruptive, but I think it stimulates him to live. He was worse off than I realized, staying by himself.
We're trying to give him the time he wants, to be by himself, but we took him to church and to lunch with church folks, in honor of the Rases' anniversary, etc.
Not sure what we're doing for the 4th. In between looking after Dad and various camps for Ian, we want to get as much done on the house, as we can. I just got back from mowing the lawn at 33.
I met with Jeanette Ott the other day, letting her know we're interested in the book shop.
I'm going to take Ian to "the ledges" soon, imitating Ian's father and grandfather and great-great-aunt Roberta who stripped down to "skivvies" and mortified her brothers there one hot summer day, long ago.
More later,

Barb Crumb said...

FYI, Barb and I plan to be at the pagan festival "Starwood" which we customarily attend at Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY way out west past Chatauqua. It always conflicts with AACS alumnae gathering stuff. But after missing the festival in Ohio this month, I think we will not miss Starwood this year. Next year will be different though, because my class will celebrate 40!! And I DO plan to miss Starwood in order to attend.