Thursday, June 21, 2007

Home on the hill . . .

I had good visits with Bert, Kim and Brian, Mike and Dad at Bert's on Sunday evening, after driving there, following a Star class race win with Dick Sands in the morning. Mike was gone before 5:00 the next morning, and the McKays had returned home on Sunday night.
I spent Monday with Bert and Dad, catching up on Dad's status (we agreed that he's a bit stronger and his mind a bit keener than before Memorial Dad, but he's coming up with strange ideas of what has happened and what's supposed to happen. Bert got some errands done and I got caught up with Dad and with myself, and then we watched "Bobby" before bed.
Tuesday morning we got breakfast and I helped Bert move the futon from the dining room where she had Dad set up, back to Kim's room and a few other things. Then Dad and I headed out into the muggy heat.
We ate lunch in Oneonta and were able to get home, through a couple cooling downpours, to our place, "Would Knot". I had to repair the cover of one of the RV's roof vents which wind had blown back and got things mostly set up, just in time for a thunderstorm to come through and really soak things.
Staying in the RV means Dad has few steps to take to get to the bathroom or bedroom and it means he and we can be somewhat independent, which we all seem to need. The RV is set up next to the garage so it warms up in the morning but gets shade in the afternoon, so Dad should be comfortable.
Brian McKay told me on Sunday that he was going to be in the Prattsburgh area this week, surveying sites for 1 Megawatt wind turbines. Last evening, he dropped in -- he didn't have our phone number with him and couldn't reach Bert or Kim (because they were picnicking together somewhere) -- so we ate supper together and talked, and he showed me where the sites are. He says the people who own land on which the turbines will be located (they're in Dansville, waiting for the final permits to be obtained) will collect $5,000.00 per month in revenue sharing or royalties or whatever that's called. The sites are north and west of Prattsburgh, and one is only a couple miles from where Carol and Barb live.
Ian has his last half-day of school today, and Jeanette finishes tomorrow. We hope to be able to work together and get our bedroom/bath suite and the great-room and living room finished up this summer. With that done, Dad could stay in the bedroom next to the upstairs bathroom where we sleep now, and we could work on getting 33 S. Main set up for renting out the upstairs apartment and set up the downstairs for family use. THEN, maybe I can concentrate on taking over the Used Book Shop in Wellsville.
Sounds like a plan. Now to carry it out . . .

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