Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Two more updates from Bert: June 6 at 6:14 and 6:34 pm

Hi, guys,
Yesterday was not good! Dad got a shaking shivering chill (at 78 degrees with polar fleece on and blankets) which took a lot of measures to get over (Ilana's seed bags heated, lots more blankets, hot drinks, massage, etc.). He couldn't hold a cup so drank out of a straw. Anyway, I asked if he'd had bad chills before, and he said yes. I asked if the doc knew, and he said he thought so. Any ideas of causes? Also that morning he asked for a cricket, a chumpit, and 3 other unidentifiable things. He's sure a plane was in distress the other day and came down nearby, has asked me about a dog in the bunkhouse I should care for, thought he was on the toilet in a chair (no results, thank goodness), was sure he'd found a can to use as urinal in the night (none in sight, said he'd dumped it in the bathroom), tried to open the car door yesterday when the car was going (a burp made him think he had to vomit, I'd locked the door already)... He slept a lot the rest of the day.
Then last night he got out of bed to go to the bathroom 3 times without cane or walker or my help! With just the nightlights some of the times. He hadn't been able to do that since the first night he was here. He's been stronger today, but gets out of breath so easy! He calls that "lazy."
Yesterday I got the raised toilet seat with arms and he loves it.
Today as he did exercises he complained that rehab wouldn't let him stand when he wanted to to do exercises and that they didn't offer any encouragement when he was trying. He sounded very angry.
A few nights ago Dad had been wearing the seed neck wrap before bed. It was still warm so I handed it to him in bed and told him to hug it. He said, "Come here, darlin'."
At Kim and Brian's getting back to the car, Dad veered a little to Brian on his left and was straightened up. Brian said, "Well Bert tripped you, didn't she?" It only took Dad a second or two to catch it and reply in kind.
So there are ups and downs!!
Mike says he may come here when Doug picks up Dad 17-18or19th.
Thank you for your encouragements.
Love, Berta

I should have looked at my list before sending the other e-mail off. Here's more:
TUMS are on the list of Dad's pills, but there are none in the box. Is that for the calcium?
Dad wants his navy track suit from Aunt Lura (don't mail, just bring them). He has been wearing sweats of mine for ease of dressing.
How long has he had scoliosis? The humpback is traditional for many elders, but I didn't realize he had scoliosis.
Are his salt intake instructions to have none or little?
The rib pain he complained of Memorial Day got gradually better, apparently, and has not been mentioned for several days. I think maybe it was a pull of the stuff between ribs. Mike can tell you that that can really hurt!
Taking care of Dad reminds me of mushers and their dogs. You've got to take care of them first at a checkpoint and then yourself. But you've got to keep yourself safe too, because they depend on you. (That one I was thinking of as I ran through the thunderstorm back to Dad in the car.)
In between these messages, Dad tried to tell me a bunch of questions he was worrying over, but kept realizing he wasn't making a lot of sense. He said in a very discouraged tone, "Now you see why I want to go back to bed so many times." He called me Ethel for the first time, but said right away that that didn't make sense either. Poor Dad!!
I'll go get him some supper and watch Lehrer with him.
Love, Berta

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gdeecee said...

Hi Bert,

I'm not sure if Dad told Dr. Coch about the chills during his visit that I wasn't available to take him to, but I don't remember him mentioning them to him before that one. They are evidently a fairly new thing, or maybe he just wasn't telling me about them very often. I was pretty sure he was making things up and had started to say "alternate universe" when he said things that didn't match my perception of reality.

It is so strange how he will be fine and then not.

Dad was taking a Tums every day, but Coch didn't suggest they were necessary for anything except occasional discomfort. I haven't seen the track suit in a while but I'll look for it.

Not sure about the scoliosis. I'm glad the rib pain is apparently gone!

At least Dad realizes he's not making sense with you!!

I'm glad you are staying on top of things, and conscious of your own health. Please let us know if it is or becomes too much to do "alone".

Should I call tonight?


I'm thrilled that I may see Mike (and Sue?) !!!!