Friday, June 8, 2007

The latest from Bert

Sent: Friday, June 08, 2007 5:39 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Dad

Dear Doug,

You don't need to call tonight as far as I'm concerned.

I have not heard again from Mike yet. It is much harder for both to get away at the same time, obviously, and Sue's coming has been talked about but not this last time. If you e-mail him when you know your schedule for coming here and returning, that might help him schedule his trip.

Yesterday Dad and I went to the library and got a tape of "Chariots of Fire" (I had played the theme song for him among other music on piano the night before) which we watched part of last night. Unfortunately the quality is poor and it's hard to understand but we enjoy the pictures of Scotland and I can say I've been on the beach where the runners were filmed!

Then we went to the grocery store which we managed by his sitting in his wheel chair holding a little basket and dragging a child-size shopping basket beside him. Maybe another time we'd try the motorized chair/cart supplied by store, but I couldn't figure how to get him there as he wasn't up to walking that far.

Today John, Kate, and Lucy spent 3 hours here while Kim went to used book sale at library and did some shopping. I read Dad's book he wrote and illustrated for Ian to Kate and Lucy. Lucy wanted to draw a rooster too, so Grandpa penciled it and she colored. Kate drew me and her in colorful dresses. Then John came in and I read it to him with Lucy filling in several pages from memory. John liked best the part about dealing with a tiger by putting your arm down his throat, grabbing his tail, and turning him inside out. Kate and Lucy picked flowers for the table. John worked on breaking down stumps left in my yard which I have to mow around. We picked wild strawberries in the lawn. Then we all ate lunch and Kim had a chance to talk with her Grandpa while the kids and I blew bubbles and stuff.

Kim invited us to Sabbath lunch with them tomorrow as we did last week, and we plan to go.

After running through dog doo each of the 3 times I've mowed my lawn this year (as well as plenty of past times), I posted a sign at dog level on my mailbox post. It says:
DOGS, TAKE NOTE: this lawn is not your pooping place.
DOG OWNERS: if you let your dog poop here, please remove the results.
Do you think it will work?

Have a good Sabbath, all. Love, Bert

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gdeecee said...

Hi Bert,

I sent some stuff in the mail regarding Allegheny Energy stocks, and will be e-mailing something from Schwab so Dad can add me as a signer to his account, and then I'll be in touch about forms Dad needs to send so the stocks get transferred to Sherm and Jeanette and me. Cathy is here for A.U. reunion, and she'll be sending in Dad's registration for A-ACS reunion in July. I'll e-mail Mike.

Regarding calendars, Sherm and I set up and shared our own google calendars and I invited everyone else in the family who has gmail to share theirs (you'll see an invitation when you go to your gmail account). Maybe that will help coordinate stuff . . .

I started a draft of Dad's obituary, and will send that so you can add and edit, or maybe post it at the blog. Not to be morbid, but a friend of mine wrote his father's while waiting for plane after visiting his father out west, earlier this year, and it just made sense to me to follow his example.

I'm really glad it sounds like you and Kim, et al are having some good times with Dad. I hope you're holding up ok.

Good luck with the dog poop sign. I think I'll try it at our church. I've tried to think of something clever but I like yours.

More soon,