Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AU Reunion!!!

I flew into Rochester on Thursday night, June 7th, rented a car(maroon Saturn) and drove to Alfred. The house at 33 was open, care of Doug, so I crawled under the comforter at 1am and promptly fell asleep.
Doug and I had breakfast Friday at the Jet and fanned out to do errands in town. I went to the pharmacy for a few items I lost or left at home. We regrouped for lunch at the Sub Shop.
Sue Blondin, from Lake George, picked me up at the house around 3pm in her hybrid fuel car and we parked in a handicapped spot at Herrick Library, as she has knee weakness. We processed to Powell Campus Center for a talk by Sue Rogers, sponsored by the Woman's Leadership Center.
I met Jeanette and Pat and Tim at Vespers at the Parish House. It was a great way to start Sabbath. Sue B. teamed up with D, J, Ian and me for dinner at ZA. We started on the porch, but moved inside when the lightning began. Sue and I had a chorus rehearsal at 8pm, that Doug drove us to, as it was lightly raining still. We got to see the Giles and other returning alums at Harder Hall, for a practice of the music we would sing Sabbath night.
Sabbath morning, I ate at the Jet, after calling D&J to see how their morning was starting.
Sabbath School with Patty and Tim and Olene was an interesting study of text from Hosea.
Pat, as always led a beautiful service and children's talk. I got to share news of Dad from Memorial Day weekend and beyond.
The awards luncheon under the tent in Scholes Park was tasty. I met my co-worker George Meyer and his wife, Zel, who were there for Zel's 50th reunion and George's 51st. I was there with the Performing Arts contingent for my 36th. Also saw Mimi and Don Polan and chatted.
I lay under the trees on the bank below the carillon while Laurel played the afternoon concert. I thought of Mom, and almost rolled down the hill in memory of her. I also thought of the times that I spent up in the tower, pounding on the levers of the bells and creating a lasting echo over the valley.
Nevins Theatre provided the next stop for a practice of music for the evening. We sang the Alma Mater, Song of the Bell, Ave Verum, and It's a Wonderful World. Mr. Giles conducted for the Ave Verum and the Alma Mater. He is fragile, with Alzheimers creeping up on him. He did enjoy leading the 2 numbers. We were led in the other numbers by Laurel Buckwalter, of carilloner fame.
The Performing Arts Dinner was small but lively. The food was outstanding. The wine I drank was a Reisling from Hammondsport.
Terrence Bruce provided lively music ( 3 saxes at once) during the Performing Arts Concert and then upstairs in the Knights Club!
Sunday morning I fell out of bed for the Memorial Service at the Gothic at 8am. It was meaningful and poignant as always. After the tears, breakfast was in order. Powell Center, Knights Club, provided a gourmet buffet. I visited and laughed with new and old friends, at a sunny table.
Finally, Sue and I drove up to Becky and Craig Prophet's house for coffee klotch. Aunt Mommy was there, too, so I got a chance to hug her and visit a bit. Craig entertained us till Becky got back from a seminar and errands. We chatted and had a bite to eat. Then, with hugs around, to Aunt Mommy and the Prophets, Sue set out for Rochester to see Sharron Gilbert, and I set out to Friendly's in Hornell to meet Doug and Jeanette, before I returned my rental car to the Rochester airport.
The Sunday afternoon traffic at JFK delayed our take-off from Rochester for an hour and a half, but the plane made it to Long Island by 8pm, though we sat on the tarmack for a long time, actually making it inside the terminal around 9:30pm. Bruce and Ilana coordinated the pick up near terminal 3, Delta Airlines, as Michael was still in Connecticut at Audra's.
A wonderful weekend!

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