Thursday, June 28, 2007

catch up

Hey, guys. I was thinking a lot about you all yesterday. One memento: I was at the groovy coffee store and the clerk said to the lady in front of me that she should stay inside and be comfortable until it rains, and then she could go outside naked when it starts raining. And I was reading Bert's message. Now I've read quickly through the blog entries and can barely think straight. I want to react to so many things: "Memorial Dad" (loved the typo), Buddy, jail, reaching the bottom, confusion. I'll try to get some more time over the weekend for more reacting. The weekend is not a blank slate however: tonight panel at American Friends Service Committee on refugee work in Iraq, Friday night play, Saturday visit to Governor's Island with Christie, Sunday supper with "the old queens" (I'm the baby, it's a birthday club of sorts and it's Robert's and my turn). I did get my Swiss travelogue posted at

We have a 3-hour department managers/strategic planning meeting this morning. Can you see the glee on my face? Our major theme is communication and developing the organizational culture, and those are big problems here. I can hardly wait.

Big oodles of loves....

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