Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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Hi, Doug (and others),

Today Dad and I are headed to Kim's. John said, when he heard that Great-grandpa had just a week left of this visit, "Well, then they better come every day!" When Brian heard last night that we were coming he said, "Well, they better stay for supper so I can see him too!"

I got Dad to my lawyer's office yesterday for a notary, and the Degan stock claim is in the mail. We had quite an adventure through Glens Falls street construction with several people helping us with the wheelchair, etc. The 5-way corner with the endless waits for the light has been replaced by a roundabout.

Dad's Lexapro prescription runs out the 17th. We talked about it at Memorial Day, Doug, so I'm assuming you will come with a new supply on the 17th. Right?

Does anyone know about handicapped stickers for the car? I wondered if I could get a temporary one while Dad is here. I've left it to too late this time, but will check it out.

Did Gram have one of those side-of-the-table gadgets to hold a cane while you're sitting at the table? Dad said Anna May had one, he thought.

Yesterday morning before Dad sat up he said, "I heard Sherm come in in the night." After I said he hadn't actually, Dad said, "Well, I'm glad neither you nor she had to come in on the midnight train."

All the time he's been here he has called me by name except for one "Ethel" which was immediately corrected. Time is much more of a problem. After initial settling in, I think he knows he's at my home.

His back has been hurting him a lot the last couple days. He tells me different places are worst at different times. He's been taking ibuprofen which seems to help.

Thanks again for all the good vibes coming our way!! (I saw friends downtown the other day who hadn't heard about the divorce and got some good hugs, etc. Aren't friends and kin great?)

Love, Berta

Hi Bert,
Thanks for doing the Allegheny stock thing. Sorry that was such a job.
There's another thing in the mail but no notary required, just a phone call and signatures.
I'm working on the Lexapro, and have his new appointment set up and the previous one cancelled.
Are you worn out by now?
Thanks for the update.
More soon,

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