Tuesday, May 15, 2007

mural painting and memorial day

Yes, I agree with putting nieces and nephews on the blog! Count me in.
Today, Barb and I are headed to Roch-cha-cha so that I can work on the Schloss mural again. We will stay overnight with pals, Dave and Rich, officers of Rochester Naturist Society who live in Morley's house now. We will probably get the chance for a dinner or two with them at local eateries. Morley's house is very near the Monroe Ave business district of Rochester where stores range from "Archimage" with world and hippie goods to "Show World" with sexuals goods whilst restaurants range from "Gitsis" home cooking to "The Plum House" sushi bar and Japenese fare and from middle eastern food to hotdogs. I love the area. But I will be in the basement painting most of the time.
This weekend we will be celebrating grandson Kris' birthday and his sister Kati's graduation from Cobleskill with associate degree. Kati plans to continue her studies toward a graphic arts degree in Oswego this fall. We are not sure we will be able to attend Kati's grduation ceremony because it is severely limited if weather pushes it inside, so we are taking the RV to camp out in wherever the family is.
Barb and I look forward to hosting everyone available Memorial Day weekend. Does anyone want to participate in a Peace March with Barb's NSP group on Monday? We are thinking of shooting off fireworks that we got on our way back from Florida, if Doug can be there to set them off. We plan to invite the near neighbors for that. Doug, will you be sailing with Dick Sands that weekend as usual? Sunday and Monday? Sherm, we will miss you, but do enjoy Switzerland.
Hugs to all. Carol

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gdeecee said...

Hi Carol and Barb,
I'm looking forward to Memorial Day. Let us know what to bring, besides fireworks (we have some, too), which I'll be happy to set off.
Yes, Dick wants me to sail with him (it's one of the few things that keeps him going, what with Marge in the Nursing Home, etc.).
Not sure if we'll be able to do the march . . .
More later.