Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back to Bucolic Branchport

Dear family all,
I am glad to have had a night's rest in my own bed for the first time in days. Sayre was beautiful and all but there is no place like home. The weather has been so gorgeous - sunny, warm and breezy. Even though the temperature is climbing, the breeze is keeping the air moving making it really is lovely sitting out in the yard with a tall cold drink weather. It was so beautiful last night with the fireflies. Home is great tonic for me right now as I do not tolerate seeing Pop in pain well. Hell, I don't handle stress of any kind well. But we know Dad is an especially sensitive area for me. You all know that my psychotic episode happened when Dad was at Roswell. I did not want to go there again and all the signs were in place. So gettign home was a necessity. Buddy was soooo happy to see us that I thought that he would have a heart attack! Even the cats were glad to see us back. Last night after a nap, Barb and I saw the new Robin Williams movie and laughed our heads off. It was good medicine. Today we plan to lay low as the temperature is expected to reach the nineties here. To all of you waiting at the hospital with Dad, thanks for keeping the vigil. Dad really feels better when he knows he is not alone. Being alone in a hospital when you are the patient is not a good feeling. I know first hand. I love you all. My medicine is being home in beautiful bucolic Branchport and it is working its magic with my mood better than any pyschotic drug. PTL and pass the ammunition! Just being silly which means it is time to sign off! Hugs all around. Carol

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