Thursday, July 12, 2007

deb kruse's comment

These words from my friend Deb Kruse who now lives in Iowa but who was the slide curator at RISD when I was there. I had a 50th birthday cake in her back yard on the way to Cape Cod with Bill. Last summer (when I turned 60), I stopped in Providence to see her, see the new RISD library space, and have a little birthday cake. When I was there, I took her on a tour of the ritual pictures from Memorial Day 2006; she was intrigued by the pictures as images as well as by the story.

And I quote:

You may be on your way to Alfred by now and not doing email so thanks for letting me know, Sherman - I am thinking of you anyway. It was only last summer that you celebrated birthday(s) w/ your dad on that slanted lawn in Alfred + we looked at the pix online - have thought of those strong images since.

It was good that you had last week - each trip to Davenport I think that one day we won't do that anymore either. [Her folks live in Davenport, a relatively short distance from Iowa City where Deb lives with her sister.] In the meantime, we do. I also happened to send you a note yesterday w/ New Yorker article from last summer that informed/tickled me re W Benjamin. Send me a note when you get back re memorial - will be here if you need me (whacking forsythia among other things)...

Love + sympathy from Deb.

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