Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hospice info.

I had a nice dinner at the Original Italian Grill, with Carol and Barb last evening before they went home, and then I chilled at the Bri Marie until I nodded off.
When I came down to breakfast this morning, I was told that I needed to move to another room. When I had offered on Sunday, Bri had declined, thinking that she would not need the two-bed room (Harris). Anyway, after I got breakfast and got moved across the hall to Hayden, I got a return call from Mary Gardner Ruch at Allegany County Office for the Aging, and she gave me information on hospice.
Then I went to the hospital and they were washing him up, so I came to the lobby and called the hospice office: Cathy Attison told me that with a Doctor's referral he can be admitted to hospice care, which includes home health aids, volunteers to visit, a social worker, respite care (they would move him to the hospital for this), and overall palliative care, including prescriptions for his congestive heart failure, which they bill to Medicare. We could do this whether he were at 33 or in the RV at our place. Medicare pays them for all services, and Dr. Coch is a director or something, of the Hospice service.
Now I've got my second cup of coffee and had a nice chat with a woman working away at her laptop, about hospice and aging and such.
I'll head up and see Dad and have Dr. Vemula paged so I can talk with him about when Dad my be transferred.
Anyway, that's the latest.

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Barb Crumb said...

Good to talk to on the phone. Please let us know what we may do to help. Lotsa Love, Carol