Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday morning

Dad's new room-mate at Sayre Hospital had visitors this morning, including a granddaughter who complained that he had been moved from another ward without explanation nor notification. I re-assured her that the same had transpired with Dad.
Steve and Bobbe Clarke came yesterday while we were out to lunch, so we only talked on the phone. Steve said (on the phone) "if he is improved, I'm glad I didn't see him before". Sherm went home with Cathy and Ilana and Michael and Audra and the pup at supper time yesterday, so I "vegged" at the "Bri Marie Inn" in between phone calls from Cathy, Tammy Burdick (from the Fire Co.) and Jeanette. I had reviewed Dad's medicines and status with Sheila, his nurse yesterday evening, so I know he's being given morphine for pain, amiodarone to prevent tachycardia, an anti-seizure medicine, and one or two others, including nitroglycerine (just during the daytime), although I didn't learn about that one until she was applying his patch this morning.
The speech therapist worked with him this morning because he was having difficulty swallowing, and then I helped him take pills by spooning thickened orange juice to him. Then I showed him some pictures, including ones of Memorial Day.
Carol and Barb called and then came, about 30 minutes ago, so Carol and I are catching up with things in the lobby.
I'll make another entry after we meet with the doctor, etc.

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