Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some memorable names

I know I sound like our mother, and I don't mind, but I hope those of you who were here can help me with this list of people for whom I'm grateful. I'll add names and edit as you respond to this "starter" list. As much as I did not like this trip, I find that I will miss some of the good people here, and I'd like to be sure we send a message after Dad is home.

Here's the starter list:

All my family members, near and far.
The ambulance crew from Alfred
Folks at Jones Hospital
Folks at St. James Hospital (I can't remember a single nurse's name, now, but may with some refreshing of memory)
Dr. Sheik at St. James
Rachel at St. James, who found Dad's ring and called me.

Brianna Marie, and her parents and grandparents
Dr. Cohen, surgeon
Dr. Priya Joseph, MD
Dr. Steven Goldberg (every time I run into him here at Sayre, he asks how Dad's doing), cardiologist
Chelsey Gilbert, RN "dream"
Mary RN
Sheila RN
Ron, sitter and person with "presence"
Beverly Jackson, Social Worker


Barb Crumb said...

Michael Gorsling, ortho specialty liason ?
Stephen Goldberg, Cardiology ?

shermaniac said...

yes to Gorsline (I think it's Gorsline, not Gorsling)

and Ryan (or Brian, Mr Bri), right?

Mike the Drummer said...

Yes, I believe it was Mike Gorsline. I'm pretty sure he was a DO and had another acronym or two...

Barb Crumb said...

Thanks guys for remembering Gorsline.
Yes, Karen the massage therapist said that Bri's husband was Ryan and I think her dad may be Brian, this Brian and Loretta.
Also Michelle was one of the assistants who bathed Pop.
Amber was another "Sitter"

Carol, Aunt Carol, Seester Carol

Barb Crumb said...

I meant thus Brian and Loretta, not this Brian

Barb Crumb said...

Dr. Halpenny, the orthopedist at St. James -