Monday, July 9, 2007

Pop, Pop, Pop

Doug, J, Ian, the whole family, too--
Glad to hear Dad's continuing to improve. Much love and hugs to all in the vicinity of Dad and his hospital room.
Did you get a chance to visit with the Social Worker? Hope that goes well, and a Rehabibitation Facility is readily available. My thoughts are with you.
How's Bri? Did you get a single room?
Wish I could go to Rock n' Doc's for a Blue Moon with you!
I came to work after about five hours of sleep. We dropped Sherm off at his apartment around 1am. I pretty much fell into bed after we got the luggage carried inside from the car. By 7am I was awake and got dressed. By 8:15 I was out the door.
It was a quiet week at my office, thank goodness, so I didn't miss much. Now I have to reorient to 'patients' of another kind than Dad is.
More later,

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