Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Get well wishes for Dad


I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this difficult time.

Mary Ruch (Dad worked with her in Office for the Aging, etc.)

Thank you.
Our major desire over the weekend was to spend a full day with Mom. It had crossed my mind that inviting Pastor Dave for a picnic with Mom, Judy, and I would be fun for them and fun to watch. It was suggested that Dave was ""not doing well" which in my mind made it either impossible or imperative. I regret having opted for "impossible". I appreciate knowing that they had such good time together last week. Thanks for that understanding. The four of them, our parents, were so very important for each other for so many years, no decades, it was a pretty amazing set of relationships!
Love to all in your family.

"G. Douglas Clarke" wrote:
Hi Evan,
I'm sorry we missed you. Jeanette was staying with Dad at his house while I was with Ian at Camp Gorton.
I regret that I did not get over for a good visit before your Dad's passing, so I understand. Life is far too busy and complicated, so we have to manage what we can. Your Mom and my Dad had a nice chat at Becky and Craig's S. Main picnic a couple days ago. They were a pleasant picture: Dad in his wheelchair, leaning in to hear what your mother said from her lawn chair, nodding and touching hands occasionally. I had talked with Becky about trying to arrange some joint outings for our repsective progenitors, but success in doing so may not be possible.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. If I know of something else that needs to be done, I will send word along to you. If you would like to send specific greetings to Dad, send them to dsclarke3319@gmail.com. I'll take it from there.
Thanks again, and I'll give him a hug for you, if that's ok.
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Thanks for letting us know about this Doug. I'm sorry for your amazing father's injury and accompanying pain. I'm sorrier, still, that I was in town over the weekend and considered, yet failed miserably, stopping by to at least hug him and say hello.
Our thoughts and prayers are with him and you. With what other needs may we assist? Please let us know.

Thank you for sending detailed news. I am sorry to hear this news. Patty and I send our best wishes and have your Dad and all of your family in our prayers.


Seton Droppers

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Dear Doug, my warmest thoughts and lots of love go out to Uncle Dave and
the family.

I am in Ithaca now as my defense is tomorrow at 11 am. I will say a
prayer for you guys.


Ruby Sue Beil

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I’m saddened to learn of this development. Your family, David, and all concerned are in my thoughts.

David’s fall and its consequences will present you with a vexing set of choices, especially if he did not execute an advance directive and is not able to communicate his wishes now.

With deepest concern, Peter Clarke

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To Dave & Doug & family,
Thanks, Doug for giving us the sad news. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Dave, we thought you'd like to know we just finished a great week at Camp Joy. David & Christina Thorngate came out to be the Director & Camp Pastor, had a great staff from here with some of our "new" young adults who haven't had church camp experience before so they could have the on-the-job training. The week ended with a beautiful baptism in the River (planned before camp, as we like them to be). We're into the second week now with a nice group of junior-middler campers (elementary school age) with Marissa Van Horn (Robert's daughter) and Amanda Graffius (Don's daughter) in charge. So the SDB camping legacy goes on--alive and well in West Virginia where, if we have our history straight, it all started with one done by AJC Bond in 1930 though we think there was one two or three years before that.
Love and prayers for your comfort and healing.
Janet & Dale Thorngate

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From: jochanaan@zcloud.net
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Thanks for telling me, Doug. I've forwarded the email on to Martha and Carol,
and asked Martha to tell my mother, who doesn't have email; I know they'll all
want to know.

I hope he's healing well, and that everyone else is okay. God bless,

John Rasmussen

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