Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dad's quiet spirit

Family all,
Carol writes of missing Dad. I sat shiva for him, in my own way. I wore the same clothes for the week, at least not freshly laundried ones. On Tuesday, July 17, at 3:25pm I got out of bed, better understanding how Dad's body must have rebelled against the inactivity for the week he was in traction. I miss his physical presence, but know that the body was worn out. His gentle, peaceful spirit is still here. The world is a better place because of him. I still cry for the pain of the loss I feel as a daughter. I shall say Kaddish for him for the year.
Some of my friends at work collected money and wanted to know where I'd like to have it sent. I wasn't sure what to say. Would it be all right to send it to a peaceful cause? Any ideas?
I was reading Doug's poem for Sherm. How true, how true. I definitely admire Sherm's adventurous spirit and courage to travel the world and the City.
Ilana was talking yesterday about life, independence, relations between stubborn personalities like hers and her father's. She said our phychiatrist believes that Bruce could survive in any circumstance, because he has a PhD and scrapiness. Not so, me. I'd need help. Michael and Ilana, thank God, could make it too, because they have some of that scrapiness.
What will we do about the wedding at the church at 4pm on Sabbath, August 4? Will it interfere with the Memorial being held at 2something and being done before people would need to be in the church? I hope that it won't be a problem.
More later,
The middle Daughter


gdeecee said...

I sure could not stand a week in bed. It was bad enough having to sleep four nights at Camp Harley Sutton, on a mattress that doesn't support very well. I woke up with pain between my shoulders every morning.

I listed the Alfred SDB Church, the SDB Board of Christian Ed., and the Alfred Rural Cemetery for people to donate to. Should I add the Baptist Peace Fellowship or American Friends Service Committee or something else?

shermaniac said...

I think the SDB and Alfred things are what Dad would appreciate.

Barb Crumb said...

I agree with Sherm that Alfred things should be listed for memorial giving and are what Dad would want. For me personally, I would especially like the Alfred Church to be top of the list for memorials. And I hope that we as a family can do memorials for both of our parents like the fountain at the park and planting trees.