Friday, July 27, 2007

My latest message to the famn damily

Hi Everyone,

We have 50 Stearns chicken dinners scheduled to be picked up before 5:00 on Sabbath, for (mostly) family to consume at the Parish House.

We need to know what to expect as far as lodging for folks.

We figured the Baums could go to 33, or perhaps to the Prophets if no-one else needs their house. What will your arrivals and departures be?

Carol and Barb will bring their RV and park at our place, right? Also bringing David and Star and maybe Jim Crumb. They may return the same day, but C&B stay?

The Tim Clarkes will stay at Oglesbees, arriving Friday and returning Sunday.

Steve and Bobbe will be here only for the service and perhaps the reception.

Likewise the Edwardses, Bob and Lois.

Gwynneth (elder) will come with Jim and Rima, and maybe Ruby, staying at Oglesbees.

Gwyn (younger) will come with Max and 2 children, not sure where they'll stay yet.

Sherm will come to the hill until after the service, then he'll stay at 33 for the next week.

Bert, you and Mike and Sue will probably come together, but don't know when nor for how long. Mike and Sue, how about the pop-up camper, at our place? Bert in a sit-up seat in the RV, or our recliner? Sherm in the RV with Bert.

Kim and Brian will probably drive their own car -- how long will you stay?
Would you like to stay in the RV with Bert and Sherm, or at Donna's, or the Prophets' house?



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