Tuesday, July 10, 2007

is this real life?

I put in more or less a full day at the office yesterday (Monday) and mostly just hung out in the evening. Did get the dishes done, with Shostakovich symphony in the backgroung. Also got some mail pushed from here to there. Still kind of in a daze or haze but that may be partly the heat on top of everything else. The afternoon meeting went ok but otherwise I was able to set the agenda. Today will be different with TechHeadsPlus (the managers in Technical Services) this morning. "Real life" intervened mid-sentence and folks have started arriving, with questions and problems.

The financial situation is troubling but I guess that seems rather rock/hardplace too. I have been wondering if an equity loan on 33 makes sense, or more sense than spending down the stock.

I thought I was going to be able to do some of this but the "real life" is screaming at me. Hope to get back to this before going to bed tonight.

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gdeecee said...

I am hopeful that the stock won't need to be spent down. That is my goal, other than having Dad cared for.