Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Respiratory care, Dr. Vemula and a release schedule, and Chelsey

When I finally got to see Dad this morning, the respiratory technician and trainee were there trying to get him to lie on his back and do some deep breathing, but he was not cooperating. He was clinging to the bedrail and mostly mumbling, and they had put him back on oxygen because they were getting Oxygen saturation (SPO2) numbers in the low 80% range and his nail beds looked dusky. By the time they were done, they figured that the sensor was just not getting a good reading (he was reading in the high 90s when they put it on his earlobe), and that his coughing was producing the result they wanted. A nurse was trying to put in a new IV because he had pulled one out, when Dr. Vemula came (I'd requested that they page him so we could consult) and said that a new IV was not necessary. He explained that Dad seems to be sensitive to morphine so they're switching him to Tramadol for pain. I told him I'd inquired about hospice care and he was quite reticent to make any declarations about Dad's longevity, but suggested taking things a week at a time, and leaving those things to people who look after Dad in the future. I told him that was fine.
The social worker came at about that point and inquired about discharge, so we've tentatively set up 11:00 tomorrow for his release to rehabilitation at Wellsville Manor, but nothing is final, yet.
I let the helper feed Dad his lunch, because he did not seem to take my suggestions yesterday and was not very receptive to me today. He did speak to me and knew who I was, but was not able to tell us if or where he hurt, very effectively. He was decidedly not interested in lunch, and the aid said he had not eaten much breakfast.
As I headed down the hall to go to the bathroom, I ran into Chelsey, who inquired about Dad of course. She is such a sweetheart, and it put tears in my eyes to talk with her, thinking of all we have been through and how she helped.
Anyway, I wanted to let you all know the next latest. I'll update you again later.

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Barb Crumb said...

names I remember:
Loretta, Brianna's mother ?

Amber, Sitter
Michelle, CNA ?
Courtney, RN

that is all I remember this minute but will add more as I think of them