Thursday, July 26, 2007

Memorial Program and Sleeping Arrangements

Hello Everyone,

I think the obituaries look excellent.  You did a great job of editing both versions, Doug.

Staying at 33 sounds good to the Baumgartens.

As far as the program, Mom and I were planning on doing two songs together, Eili Eili and Ki Heim Chayeinu.  I'm going to check on optimal transliterations;  are we planning to put translations in the program?  I plan to speak and I believe she does as well.

For the original piece I'm working on, it will just be me and my guitar (or backup CD, depending upon how it works out;  Doug, I will contact you about technicalities).  Bert, I appreciate your offer to play piano, and I will talk to you about other pieces for Vespers, etc.;  I definitely want to do something that incorporates flute for later.

I have expressed concerns to Mom about fitting everything in, and I'd like to get everyone's feedback as far as both the order and whether we should try to fit everything into the service or save some of it.

I propose that we sing Ki Heim Chayeinu after Judy Frechette, and then Eili Eili during the "Other music or tribute" section.  I'm not sure I want to do my song right after I speak (and I may well not be in a condition to right then), so maybe we can put it near the end, perhaps in the reminiscence section before Pastor Pat.  If we're doing the New Orleans-type progression to the more joyous material, it will fit better toward the end.

When do we need to complete the program order and text by?

Love to All,

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Barb Crumb said...

I would like to get it done today as we will be travelling tomorrow!