Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Copy of e-mail I just sent

Hi Bert and everybody else,

I'm answering these points with what we'd come up with here, not as fixed choices.

I would love to have Alec play something else, but haven't gotten any specific suggestions otherwise and haven't had the time to find something else. Got an idea?

For a hymn, I had thought of This Is My Father's World, but we could do Dear Lord and Father . . . and Pam Bucher will accompany sung hymn(s) on the piano.

As a prelude, I've asked Diane to play a series of hymns that we won't sing to, and she's good for that -- she seems to have the most trouble when people are trying to sing along.

Larry Philbrick will play another piece on the organ during the service, as a reflective moment.

I had thought we might use one of Dad's prayers, but I haven't found one that works, yet. I may have seen the paraphrase of James yesterday.

I'm working on a tribute that I will read.

Yep, I will be fine for a while and then I'll get all choked up, and then be ok again.

Arrangements for lunch between church and the service are pretty well set (subs and stuff in the Parish House kitchen). Same for the reception refreshments (cookies, mints, etc.), and we'll hire someone to do the supper (Cafe Za, or Stearns chicken?).

At the reception, I thought we'd have pictures of Dad, the laptop with a projector showing a slide-show of pictures, his flute and the boxes he made for it (I'll tell that story), and some other items for people to see.

We'll greet people in the second parlor, and the food will be set up in the far corner of the dining room, so that people will be drawn into the rooms and not get backed up in the church or outside the Parish House, etc.

If there's room in it, I thought we'd use the guest book from 33, for people to sign.

If the weather is nice, I thought we'd touch off a bonfire and hang out in our yard, after supper. People can camp out here or head to the Prophets' or Rogers' houses.

The order of service we've sketched out so far looks like this:

Organ prelude (medley of hymns) by Diane Straight
Bell tolled by GDC or Ian
Greetings by Pastor Pat
Unison reading of the 23rd Psalm
Tim Bancroft's tribute
Reading of Dad's life story
Jude Frechette singing a song, or Cathy and Michael
GDC's tribute
Singing of This Is My Father's World
Other musicx or tribute?
Organ music by Larry Philbrick
Time for other reminescences
Closing thoughts by Pastor Pat
Mizpah Benediction (May the Lord watch between Me and Thee, while we are absent, one from the other"
Bagpipes (Amazing Grace?)

Let me know what you think . . .

Jeanette and Cathy worked on putting all the cards that have come in, into chronological order, and we'll make a card for each of us so we can work our respective ways through them without losing someone else's place. Cathy brought the ones that had come to her. There are lots of them between hers and what came here, and some are very nice.

When everyone comes, we thought the Baums could all stay at 33, or at the Prophets' house if preferred, Sherm can stay in our RV, Carol and Barb are bringing their RV to our place (right?), and Bert can sleep in a recliner at 33 or our place or Prophets', Mike and Sue can camp if they wish or stay in our RV, and Kim and Brian et al can stay with the Rogers. Tim and Diane will stay at Oglesbees' house in Wellsville, as will any of Steve and Bobbe's kids. Steve and Bobbe will drive home the same day. Gwynneth and anyone who comes with her will stay at Oglesbees'.

We will ask family to park at 33 or the empty lot next door. Others will park at the Montessori School or Community Bank parking lots.

Ian is better, after having a rash from sun exposure while taking amoxicillin. Jeanette is ok. The Subaru is supposed to be done tomorrow, then the Blazer goes in for repairs and the van for an oil change. I've been approved for varicose vein removal.

Sherm, I need you to go to Steuben Trust Bank and add me as a signer for the House account (some of the money from Steve Clarke and some from Cathy was deposited today).

I've also been working on notifying people who need to know. Sherm, you'll need to call the utilities (there are 800 numbers) at some point -- I was thinking we'd put the utilities in your name and convert one of Dad's checking accounts so you and I are co-owners. The "house account" is a savings account. Anyway, we'll work all that out. . .

What am I forgetting?


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